Tiny Theatre
Tiny Theatre provides the building blocks of theatre education for elementary-aged students to increase awareness for theatre opportunities and improve confidence and communication skills.

Project Description

Tiny Theatre aims to inspire interest and provide opportunities in theatre for economically-disadvantaged kids in Southeast DC. In many disadvantaged areas, elementary kids do not have the opportunity to experience theatre. Some of these kids may be unaware of theatre as a potential career or simply fun recreation; while others may have interest in the drama arts, but be unable to explore their budding curiosity. As we implement our workshop in groups of 20 children in partnership with the program, My Child Can Read, we have three main goals. 1.) Spark interest in theatre (or grow students’ existing interest) through a drama workshop that we will hold. Students will participate in drama activities and skits. Elementary students will have the opportunity to learn about theatre through visual examples and active participation. 2.) Provide Opportunities for Growth in Theatre. We also want to provide parents with information about programs/camps where their children can pursue theatre, as well as scholarship opportunities for these camps. We plan to inform students/parents of upcoming drama shows at the University of Maryland and in nearby theatres, so that they know of places where they can continue enjoying theatre. 3.) Allow students to learn valuable skills. Students will be able to improve their social and communication skills when performing skits as well as strengthen their confidence in themselves.

Team Members

Ian Rosario
Erin McLamb
Pranavi Sayyaparaju
Yash Atitkar

Social Issue/Cause


Type of Activities