uSave will reduce water consumption during showers by informing students of time and water spent while showering.

Project Description

uSave will strive to reduce water consumption during showers, because many students claim to waste time and water while showering. This quickly depletes aquifers, before they have time to refill. Reduced water consumption will also save the University of Maryland money. By providing a timer and gallon counter in each shower, as well as a description of the benefits of reducing shower time, students will be more likely to take shorter showers. Therefore, the project will provide an increased awareness of water consumption, and a change in mindset for students on campus. Our target population is the students of UMD, and the beneficiaries are the University of Maryland as well as everyone living on local aquifer reserves. We will start by implementing our product in floor two of La Plata Hall at University of Maryland, and we will expand to other floors and then buildings. We are currently in contact with Hydraze, a previous Do Good Challenge team to give us tips on how to implement our product in the bathrooms of UMD buildings.

Team Members

Madeleine Albee
Logan Saar
Ritvik Jain
Ben Romalis
Peter Robinson

Social Issue/Cause

Water Conservation

Type of Activities

Advocacy/Awareness, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship