Wellness Discovery
Wellness Discovery aims to address the increasing need for mental health resources for the average student in high school experiencing mental health issues by creating a mentorship program to guide students throughout their high school experience and increase awareness of the mental health resources available to them.

Project Description

1 in 5 children ages 13-18 have, or will have a serious mental illness. That is 20% of the youth population. We want to work towards reducing those statistics by simply bridging the gap between the students and the resources available to them, through the schools and/or community. We will start a mentorship program that will guide students in navigating these issues, help reduce the stigma around mental health as well as spread awareness about the resources available to them. We are partnering up with Northwestern High School for this mission and will be gathering volunteers from the UMD student community for the mentorship program.

Team Members

Zirwah Ahmad
Celina Thomas
Israel Nigussie
Ariba Siddiqui

Social Issue/Cause

Mental Health

Type of Activities

Volunteering/Service/Service-Learning, Advocacy/Awareness, Community Organizing