Do Good Challenge Teams

To make the process of naturalization easier through formulating a mobile course to aid immigrants or refugees who need to take the citizenship test.
Healthy Habits will work with Dining Services to provide healthier options within the dining halls.
Hearts for Help's aims to raise awareness and battle the stigma associated with mental health issues through a benefit concert.
Short-term Counseling
Her Truth aims to empower young women of color to reflect on their identity through reading texts by minority authors that are not represented in the current literary canon.
Work to combat human trafficking globally, by fundraising and spreading awareness on UMD’s campus.
Learning Together aims to provide accessible and convenient training for special education professionals in Prince George’s County.
Lumination seeks to lower the barrier to responsible giving by pioneering a higher standard for donation in the nonprofit sector.
Mangostein wants foreign students to be able to afford all the same opportunities as native students when it comes to official documentation needed in order to show proof of identity or to drive
Maryland Mutts With Mats aims to fundraise donations to benefit local animal shelters.