Do Good Challenge Teams

Maryland Student Assembly hopes to inspire high school students to use their voice to make change in their communities by developing oral and/or written testimonies to present to a panel of UMD Faculty on a topic that they are passionate about and would like to change.
To raise funds for melanoma research, educate the public about the risk factors of melanoma, and coordinate skin cancer screening events
NeoTemp helps detect hypothermia in infants and alerts the mother in order to provide the proper care on time.
Our team aspires to raise awareness centered around the stigma of periods and the menstruation cycle. We aim to empower individuals, both men and women, to be openly expressive about periods as well as be confident enough to instigate public conversation about the topic.
Noble Uprising aims to empower homeless women in shelters, by providing them with career readiness workshops and sustainable job opportunities.
We aim to create a multimedia-based network that promotes global public health literacy through non-traditional science communication mediums
Enriching the educational opportunities of inmates within the Maryland/D.C. area to improve their lives as students, professionals, and individuals.
Reducing health disparities around the world
Enhance the employment opportunities for special education students in Prince George’s County by creating business partnerships and implementing curriculum to teach students job skills that will prepare them for future employment.
Project Girlponsor disadvantaged Cambodian girls education through selling coffee