Do Good Challenge Teams

Peer to Peer aims to help the children of refugee families in PG County assimilate into their new communities by fostering the development of mentoring relationships between UMD student mentors and the refugee youth.
Plug Pals aims to reduce vampire electricity and energy waste on campus by providing cord-attachable endangered animal models that encourage unplugging devices.
Politics4People will help bridge the communication gap between policymakers and their constituents with an intuitive online platform that streamlines the process on both ends.
Prizes for Produce aims to encourage elementary school children to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables with their lunch.
Project Y (gig) will empower creators to connect with consumers in local markets while helping to allocate funding to local community projects.
Our service-learning student organization provides health education materials and sustainable intervention-based workshops in abroad
To reverse the opiates epidemic by providing a drug-free alternative for relieving pain using a red light therapy device that is safe, effective, affordable, and environmentally responsible. Additionally, we want to empower people to treat themselves with these devices without the need of a physician. Our overall mission is to engage other organizations to work with us to reverse the opiate epidemic by distributing our pain relief products.
Redline Rummage prevents good furniture from entering landfills through an eCommerce platform thus reducing furniture waste.
RefugeU aims to help increase the amount of student refugees in the College Park area that will pursue higher education.
Increasing awareness to sustainability in Fashion