Do Good Challenge Teams

Our mission is to spread awareness and increase inclusivity of individuals with intellectual disabilities on the University of Maryland’s campus amongst students and faculty.
Team STEM IT UP aims to improve STEM education in elementary schools for kids to gain an interest and hopefully pursue STEM as a career.
STEMerge aims to increase the number of women entering careers in the STEM fields by targeting middle school and high school girls before they make decisions on their career and academic path.
To raise money/ help out the kids in need
SunSpot aims to provide accessible, renewable energy for cooling and other on-the-go low-energy needs.
Team Nutrition aims to make breakfast more accessible for college students who lack time to sit down and eat
For busy and faraway adults, TellTales is a story sharing platform through which they can provide their parents with a renewed sense of purpose.
Educate UMD community to local health services
Terrapin Thrift aims to reduce clothing waste, promote mindful shopping, and bring awareness to underpaid factory workers.
The Cares Closet aims to relieve hygiene poverty among low income students in PG county schools.