Do Good Challenge Teams

Tiny Theatre provides the building blocks of theatre education for elementary-aged students to increase awareness for theatre opportunities and improve confidence and communication skills.
Team aims to help give kids opportunities to have a life in a career of theater.
uSave will reduce water consumption during showers by informing students of time and water spent while showering.
Wellness Discovery aims to address the increasing need for mental health resources for the average student in high school experiencing mental health issues by creating a mentorship program to guide students throughout their high school experience and increase awareness of the mental health resources available to them.
Educate UMD students about sex education using an accurate, unbiased approach from the perspective of other college students.
For busy, price-sensitive college students, 3 Course Meal is a nutrient rich and wholesome on-the-go meal.
A Market for Sustainability aims to advocate for agricultural sustainable efforts and support Maryland farms.
We are a group of college students working to raise awareness, to generate financial support to the rehabilitation for veterans’ and their families suffering from PTSD and provide emotional support to veterans.
The AEES will enhance public understanding of water pollution management by constructing an Algal Turf Scrubber living laboratory at the Terrapin Trail parking garage with a sitting area and informational signs.
We hope to support veteran owned businesses, re-employ veterans, and bring awareness to common issues that veterans face returning to civilian life.