Do Good Challenge Teams

conquer.ed aims to improve educational outcomes for pediatric patients by helping them stay on grade level and by providing a sense of normalcy.
"We aim to educate and spread consumption awareness on the UMD campus."
Continuum aims to help senior citizens with deteriorating physical abilities age in their homes by connecting them with student volunteers to create meaningful relationships and community.
Our venture,, aspires to cultivate within beginning Computer Science students a lifelong passion for the field outside of the classroom through training in logic and programming techniques.
We are going tocreate a class geared towards empowering women on campus
To create a cloud-based data management service that enables large international development organizations to integrate financial and programmatic data to perform cost-per-output analysis.
No woman should have to fear walking home alone. Diamondback Defense and the women behind it strive to make the University of Maryland campus a safer place by educating students on self-defense techniques to deter assaults.
EduPol will raise political awareness/engagement through featuring local politics on a trivia app.
Engineering Playdate aims to empower women in STEM majors to help inspire young girls, ages 8-12, to pursue STEM fields such as engineering.
Team Enviiro aims to raise awareness about proper disposal of food waste on the University of Maryland campus.