Do Good Challenge Teams

EZ Farms aims to eliminate food deserts across the world and bring better quality food to tables around the globe.
Our goal is to spark a community that fearlessly fights mental illness through advocacy, creativity, and guidance
Fighting Against Drug Abuse aims to prevent drug overdoses and drug addiction in the College Park area.
The mission of FlushX is to cut down annual water consumption in the US by 1 billion gallons (or 1% of wasted water) in five years by revolutionizing the way automatic toilet flushing works, eliminating unnecessary flushes.
To empower sports coaches and student-athletes to transition soft skills from sports to other areas of life through an entrepreneurial mindset
Garden to Plate's goal is to provide an avenue to inexpensive and accessible fresh and organic goods to urban populations in order to help facilitate the exchange of locally grown produce in an online marketplace and create healthier urban communities.
Project Y and Gig aim to create a hub for creative artists to find gigs in their local communities while also putting aside money for community development projects
The purpose of Good Stuff Good Works (GSGW) is to enable indigenous South American community banks to obtain financial leverage and sustainable income through buying handmade artisan products from indigenous artisans and then reselling them for a higher price in the United States.
Our team is offering consultant services to create a vision statement, mission statement, and strategic plan.
Happy Trails aims to provide a safer and more interactive hiking experience in parks and trails.