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The Environmental and Energy Policy Program at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy encompasses reseach, teaching, and people across several degree programs and many research centers within the School and across the University.

Our Environmental Policy Specialization within the M.P.P. degree targets policy approaches that ensure human well-being and economic prosperity while enhancing the health and quality of our natural world, within different regulatory and development contexts.The Energy Policy Specialization within the M.P.P. examines current and possible future energy systems and how they can interact with policy and society, focusing on four dimensions underpinning energy policy—economic well-being, energy security, environmental protection, and energy access. The School’s Ph.D. in Policy Studies provides a route to develop a research-oriented career under the guidance of our energy and environment faculty.

We are embedded in an active program of lectures and research on campus, and students have ample opportunities to create connections to the many agencies and organizations in DC and Annapolis working on energy & environmental policy challenges. Our energy and Environmental Policy alumni have found jobs in many countries and sectors, with a focus on Washington DC area and Maryland government agencies, consultancies, think tanks, research organizations, advocacy organizations and other non-profits. 

Currently, seven students from the school are attending the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework convention on Climate Change (COP21) this month in Paris, France. Follow them in real time on Twitter at @SPP_COP.