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CISSM Global Forum - How to Secure a Smart City

Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:15pm
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Peter “Pete” Tseronis is the founder and CEO of Dots and Bridges LLC. An accomplished entrepreneur, business executive and cybersecurity strategist with more than 28 years leading myriad Cabinet-level and commercial entities, Tseronis maintains a passion for collaborating with government, industry, investor and academic ecosystems to unearth and stimulate transformative innovation while increasing private-sector commercialization.

As the Department of Energy’s first-ever appointed Chief Technology Officer, Tseronis served as an innovation advocator for technology transfer of intellectual property, was an effective and credible collaborator across the international research and development community, and leveraged intellect within the national laboratory enterprise to catalyze economic competitiveness. A self-proclaimed "Connective Tissue Officer," he founded Dots and Bridges LLC to satisfy his appetite for connecting dots, building bridges and nurturing relationships.

Tseronis received his B.A. in communications from Villanova University and earned his M.S. in information and telecommunication systems from Johns Hopkins University. 

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