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Development Circle: Eliana Carranza, World Bank

Development Circle - Elliana Carranza

Eliana Carranza is a PhD in Political Economy from Harvard University, Department of Economics. She also holds an MPA in International Development from Harvard Kennedy School. Her fields of research are development economics and labor economics. Her work focuses on the empirical study of household behavior, including the implications of technological, labor market, and institutional changes for household economic and demographic outcomes and the status of women.

Soil Endowments, Female Labor Force Participation and the Demographic Deficit of Women in India


Differences in relative female employment by soil texture are used to explain the heterogeneous deficit of female children across districts within India. Soil texture varies exogenously and determines the depth of land tillage. Deep tillage, possible in loamy but not in clayey soil textures, reduces the demand for labor in agricultural tasks traditionally performed by women. Girls have a lower economic value where female labor opportunities are fewer. Consistently, higher relative female employment in agriculture improves the ratio of female to male children in districts that have a smaller fraction of loamy relative to clayey soils.

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