Online Workshops


1. Academy Elective: Best Practices in Community Policing

Brief Description of the Video

MML decided to take an active approach and address hot topics such as Community Policing at the 2015 Summer Convention in Oceans City.  This topic was selected because earlier this year, the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing released an interim report providing recommendations related to comprehensive criminal justice reform. Central to this report are recommendations for enhancing community policing strategies, including improving transparency, collaborating with community members, and developing policies and programs that address the needs of at-risk children and youth.  The video will detail the   this important discussion  of community policing as a panel of municipal police officials introduce various initiatives on this front and contemplate the opportunities and challenges facing local governments as we work to improve accountability and better engage our communities. 


2. Economic Development for Small Towns 

Brief Description of the Video

This video is a discussion on the importance of Economic development in small towns.  Successful economic development often involves a unique approach that also focuses on neighborhood revitalization. Smaller towns also face unique challenges that require a degree of innovation and creativity. This workshop introduced a variety of strategies and associated resources specific to the needs of small towns and also allowed participants to brainstorm solutions to a variety of economic development challenges.


Click on the PDF here for the outline for the workshop.  Once you have viewed the entire workshop, please email Aisha Washington at for the 'Ethics Workshop Analyses (answers to the Case Scenarios) July 2016' PDF which she will send to you. Thank you.

Brief Description of the Video

Officials should be knowledgeable of their public ethics ordinance, as generally required by state law. Many officials fill out the necessary forms and assume that they have complied with the law. But are their day-to-day actions living up to the intent of the law? A fine line often exists between legal and ethical behavior. The Academy offered the following Ethics workshop on July 27, 2016 to illustrate the differences through real-life scenarios and small group discussions.