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Executive Coaching, Group Facilitation, and Program Management

As a prerequisite to meaningful change in leadership behavior, an individual must have a realistic understanding of his or her strengths and challenges as a leader.  To provide this grounding, the Office of Executive Programs often provides executive coaching services that are a combination of assessments, feedback, and coaching across a wide variety of leadership competencies.  OEP's coaching design provides an individualized and integrated experience for participants. Executive Education focuses on applying new thinking and skills right away; we provide on-the-job coaching to guide the coachee in implementing what they learn. The coach-coachee relationship is based on mutual respect, honesty and authenticity. The coachee develops rapport with his/her coach as they connect via a number of avenues: in person, video conference, and telephone.

Executive Education provides group facilitation services to agencies with the objective to foster measurable, sustainable changes in the leadership behaviors of managers and supervisors that will enhance the achievement of the agency’s desired results.  Executive education’s group facilitation strengthens team bonds and yields a collectively agreed-upon set of outcomes through a focus on visioning, and team and consensus building.

Executive Education offers program management services to manage the support tasks of its educational programs.  The School has provided project management services to numerous federal agency training programs, which has allowed it to develop the ability to effectively and seamlessly work with the staff and leadership of training academies to ensure a smooth program experience for participants. The School’s program management:

§  Allows students a certainty of scheduling so that they may best manage success in a program alongside continued success on their jobs;
§  Assures the students of the importance, and signals the full support, of the program within the leadership of an agency;
§  Provides record-keeping for appropriate certification for graduation and document any lack of progress;
§  Provides a sense of reliability that reflects well on agency training staff that it has enabled a seamless background system that moves students efficiently through a program;
§  Keeps agencies aware of issues and concerns of participants so as to maximize that which is working and to make corrections if and where needed.