Sara Gallagher

Program Officer, IdEA (the International diaspora Engagement Alliance)

Sara Gallagher will be joining the Calvert Foundation as a Program Officer for IdEA (the International diaspora Engagement Alliance). Calvert Foundation is an impact investing nonprofit that raises capital from investors and deploys it to partners on the ground working to improve their communities in a variety of sectors. IdEA is a public/private partnership between the State Department, USAID, and the Calvert Foundation that harnesses the passion and energy of diasporas to contribute to the social and economic development of their countries of origin or heritage. As the Program Officer for IdEA, Sara will manage programs in the areas of philanthropy, investment and entrepreneurship, and volunteerism to leverage the unique strengths and resources of diasporas. She will also be responsible for providing resources for diaspora groups to build their capacities to serve their missions, including trainings and networking opportunities. Sara also served as a Philanthropy Fellow at the Calvert Foundation during the 2013-2014 school year.