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New Program Launches Encouraging Students to Deepen Understanding of Social Issues and Moves Them To Action

The Do Good Institute hosted a kick-off celebration and orientation for the first cohort of students from its new Do Good Ideas program. Earlier this fall, the Institute launched Do Good Ideas, a program designed to help students identify and understand an issue, challenge, or opportunity for a pressing social issue. Whether students are interested in climate change or racial justice, Do Good Ideas challenges students to investigate and examine the problem to deepen awareness and understanding, before developing an idea for systematic change.

The Do Good Ideas kickoff convened 13 teams participating in the program. During the event, students met fellow teams, received details about next steps for participating, and learned about resources on campus and coaching opportunities. Students asked deductive questions that displayed their genuine interest in their issue areas, ranging from the detrimental effects of plastic straws to prosthetic disparities in developing countries and beyond.

“Do Good Ideas will help students enhance their understanding of the issues that matter to them the most. Here at the Do Good Institute, we are excited to help each student along this journey and see the creative, innovative solutions they come up with,” said Patricia Bory, director, iGive.

The program is open to any student with a wide array of interests regardless of whether they have a passion to address educational disparities, a drive to understand climate change, or an idea to spark racial justice. With the guidance from coaches and Do Good Institute staff, students will dive deep into research on their problem area to produce an issue landscape and propose potential solutions.

In the coming weeks, students will be matched with coaches who are experts and specialists in each team’s respective research area. Full proposals due are due in March,Students submit an expanded version of their pre-proposal after working with their mentor in March and winners will be announced at the annual Do Good Challenge Finals. For more information on Do Good Ideas, click here.