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Beyond its important role in equipping current and future leaders and advocates with the latest in policy and management theories and best practices, the School is constantly pushing to better understand the world, to uncover new facts and perspectives, to analyze them for new insights, and to improve existing theories and develop new ones. It then shares this new knowledge with its peers and leaders around the world through academic channels, popular media, books, congressional testimony, and consulting.

Much of this new knowledge is the result of individual faculty research and analysis, sometimes with the aid of a grant and sometimes relying solely on University resources.  Individual faculty publish articles and books, edit journals, evaluate and comment on research studies conducted elsewhere, testify at hearings, and consult with governments and organizations world-wide. SPP faculty have served or are serving as the chief editors of some of the leading journals in the field, including the journals of Policy Analysis & Management, Public Budgeting & Finance and Politics and the Life Sciences. Their ground-breaking research has led many on the faculty to win prestigious awards, up to and including the Nobel Prize in Economics (Tom Schelling, 2005).

In addition to the research conducted by individual faculty, the many centers and institutes within the School of Public Policy conduct ground-breaking research studies on many of the most pressing issues of the day. They also provide students an opportunity to participate in the real world of policymaking. In doing so, students work under the guidance of accomplished faculty who are directly influencing policy issues in a wide range of areas.


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