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Focus Area Elective Courses

Focus Areas and Elective Courses

The Public Policy degree allows students to select a policy area, build their own Policy Focus Area, or select four general elective courses (12 credits). Students who choose an Individual focus work with an advisor to take four approved policy related courses either within or outside of the School of Public Policy. These electives will help students deepen a particular policy interest. 

Elective options and focus areas include:

PLCY 301 Sustainability
BSCI 363 The Biology of Conservation and Extinction
INAG 123 Intro to Sustainable Agriculture
LARC 160 Introduction to Landscape Architecture
ARCH 460 Measuring Sustainability
AREC 365 World Hunger, Population, and Food Services
ENSP 330 Introduction to Environmental Law
ENSP 102 Introduction to Environmental Policy
ENST 233 Introduction to Environmental Health
FGSM340 Energy and Environmental Policy (restricted to Federal Fellows students)
FGSM370 Science Diplomacy: Foreign Policy & Science, Technology, and Innovation (restricted to Global Fellows students)
GEOG 130 Developing Countries (3)
GEOG 330 As the World Turns: Society and Sustainability in a Time of Great Change
GEOG 331 Introduction to Human Dimensions of Global Change
Public Leadership
PLCY311 Women in Leadership
PLCY313 Advocacy in the American Political System
AASP101 Public Policy and the Black Community
AASP314 The Civil Rights Movement
AAST222 Immigration and Ethnicity in America
FGSM310 Political Engagement and Advocacy (restricted to Global Fellows students)
FGSM350 Critical Regions and International Relations (restricted to Global Fellows students)
FGSM360 U.S. Diplomacy and Policymaking (restricted to Global Fellows students)
LASC234 Issues in Latin American Studies I
LASC235 Issues in Latin American Studies II
PSYC221 Social Psychology
PSYC289E The Psychology of Evil

Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation
PLCY213 Foundations of Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation
PLCY310 Nonprofit and Social Innovation in Action
PLCY 214 Leading and Investing in Social Change: Re-defining and Experimenting with Philanthropy (restricted to iGIVE students)
PLCY 215 Innovation and Social Change: Creating Change for Good (restricted to iGIVE students)
PLCY359I Leading and Investing in Social Change
PLCY 388D Innovation and Social Change: Do Good Now
PLCY 388G Global Perspectives on Leading and Investing in Social Change
CPPL200/1 Public Leadership Colloquium (restricted to College Park Scholars Public Leadership students)
PLCY388O China: China's Philanthropic and Social Sector Policy and Management Perspectives
PLCY388I India: Education and Project Engagement with NGOs and Social Enterprises
BMGT 289A Social Enterprise – Changing the World through Innovation and Transformative Action
BMGT 389E Maryland Social Entrepreneur Corps
BMGT 468U Social Entrepreneurship Laboratory
FGSM 380 Responses to Global Challenges (restricted to Global Fellows students)
General Studies
Any PLCY elective course
Any of the above listed courses
Any FGSM Fall academic seminar not listed above, including FGSM 320 Public Health Policy, and FGSM 330 Homeland and National Security Policy (restricted to Federal Fellows students)
Courses outside of PLCY as approved by the program
Individual Focus
Work with our advisor to build your own focus.  Examples of individual focus areas include:
Education policy
Health policy
Criminal Justice
Security or Terrorism Studies
Social Policy