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Nonprofit Leadership & Social Innovation Minor

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Built on hands-on learning, the Minor in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation heightens students’ awareness of local, national and global issues and examines different approaches to social impact. Students study the role of the nonprofit, NGO, and social sector, as well as social innovation, leadership, and the skills required for effective nonprofit management. This minor is open to all undergrads on campus, regardless of major. Students who want to take a deeper dive, can pursue the Major in Public Policy with a focus on Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation.


Students should fill out this application and return it to nplminor@umd.edu.  Students must complete at least 15 credits, including three required courses and two electives. Other electives are being added to this list and students may also propose other courses to meet the elective requirements. No course may be used to satisfy the requirements of more than one minor and at least nine credits must be at the 300-400 level. All courses must be passed with a grade of C- or better.

Required Courses: (3 classes, 9 credits)

1) PLCY 213: Foundations of Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation

2) PLCY 310: Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation in Action

3) And one of the following:

  • PLCY 215: Innovation and Social Change: Creating Change for Good
  • PLCY 388D: Innovation and Social Change: Do Good Now
  • BSOS 388B: Behavioral and Social Sciences Special Topics; Innovation and Social Change: Do Good Now
  • HONR 348D: Advanced Honors Seminar;Innovation and Social Change: Do Good Now
  • ENME 467: Engineering for Social Change

Click here to see the full list of approved courses, including electives, for the Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation Minor.

How do I apply?

Applications are received and approved on a rolling-basis with no current deadline (with the exception of item 4 below).

1. Students must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0

2. Complete the application, save it, and email it to nplminor@umd.edu.

3. Students must come in for a mandatory advising meeting.

4. Students must be enrolled in the minor at least one full academic year prior to undergraduate graduation.